的 faculty and staff of pg电子下载 are dedicated to providing full access to programs and services by providing reasonable and effective 住宿 that promote student independence.

的 可及性服务 Office is located in the Student Success Center Building (SSC201).


电话: 903-463-8751
电子邮件: hodgej [at] pg电子下载[dot] edu

美国.S. Department of Education and the Office for Civil Rights provide helpful information for college students to familiarize themselves with requesting 住宿 in higher education. 请按以下连结浏览文件: 残疾学生准备接受高等教育


Disability is defined in the Americans with Disabilities Act as a “physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more of the major life activities of such individual; a record of such an impairment; or being regarded as having such an impairment.“主要的生命活动包括, 但并不局限于“照顾自己”这样的功能, 执行手动任务, 走, 看到, 听力, 说话, 呼吸, 学习, 工作.”  


  1. 完成一个 住宿申请表 在线. (可按要求提供硬拷贝).
  2. 联系 辅导和无障碍服务协调员 安排预约.
  3. provide documentation to the 可及性服务 Coordinator from appropriately trained professionals, 比如医生, 进行教育诊断, 有执照的心理学家, 精神科医生, 或其他合资格的专业人士.
    1. 上传文件到住宿申请表,或
    2. 通过电子邮件发送文件给协调员,或
    3. 带着文件去和协调员面对面的会议
  4. 如适用,请填写 另一种格式的教科书申请表格 索取无障碍格式的教科书.

Determining reasonable and appropriate 住宿 is based on documentation submitted as well as a discussion with the student. 学生和老师 辅导和无障碍服务协调员 will work together to determine appropriate 住宿 for the entrance exam, 如果需要, 以及大学课程. Documentation becomes part of students' educational records and is protected under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

联系 辅导和无障碍服务协调员

学生可联络 辅导和无障碍服务协调员 at any time during regular office hours in the 可及性服务 Office. 的 office is located inside the Testing/Tutoring Center on the 2nd floor of the Student Success Center Building. 迷你学期和夏季学期的天数和时间有所不同. To schedule an appointment, 联系 coordinator by email or phone. 


辅导和无障碍服务协调员 notifies professors by email of the student's approved 住宿 for the current semester. Students may choose to discuss their 住宿 with their professors, but are never required to disclose their diagnosis to anyone outside the 可及性服务 Office.  


诊断医生的报告应包括报告的日期, 他们的名字, title, 签名, 完整的地址, 还有办公室信笺上的电话号码. 


  • 姓和名,出生日期
  • 诊断和病史/预期结果
  • How the diagnosed condition affects the student's academic experience or performance
  • 具体住宿建议
    • Examples of specific recommendations include extended time on test, quiet environment, text-to-
      speech or other unambiguous recommendations that clarify what is helpful for the student
    • Documentation requesting "special 住宿" is ambiguous and not helpful in determining


  • 最近的IEP或504
  • Evaluation by Vocational Rehabilitation Services or diagnostic testing
  • Recent letter from your healthcare provider on their letterhead or diagnostic testing


Academic 住宿 may not fundamentally alter the nature of an academic program; consequently, some programs will require additional documentation before 住宿 can be approved for those classes and assessments. 以下项目提供了这一要求的指导:

  • 护理程序: State licensing of nurses requires successful performance on the NCLEX-RN or NCLEX-PN 考试, and the Texas Board of Nursing’s guidelines for special 住宿 based on ADA considerations are applied to those assessments. 那些德州护理委员会的政策, further inform the policies followed by the 护理程序 at pg电子下载. 的se forms and a fuller explanation of these procedures will be available from the 可及性服务 Office. 


  • 学生可以选择要求住宿在一个或多个类, 但不要要求别人提供帮助. 除非学生特别要求, approvals are sent to all the professors in courses for which the student is currently enrolled. 
  • Accommodation approvals are not retroactive and must be updated each semester. 学生提交一份  住宿要求 在他们注册的每学期开始时. 
  • If students with disabilities attempt a class without requesting 住宿, 他们不能, 除非教授特别同意, 要求在以前的课程中申请住宿, 考试, 或测试.




Using the right technology or software is vital to students' success. 的 following list includes just a few of the many options currently available to students with disabilities. Some of these are provided at no additional cost as 住宿 to current students who are registered with 可及性服务. Research all options based on diagnosis and recommended 住宿. Talk to a vocational rehabilitation counselor or other trusted professional. 询问免费资源和试用版.  


  • Bookshare 
    • 适用于有阅读障碍的学生
    • pg电子下载是Bookshare的成员. Ask the 可及性服务 Coordinator about obtaining a free membership
  • VitalSource
    • 购买或租用完全无障碍的书籍
    • 无论诊断如何,任何人都可以使用VitalSource的书籍


  • 库兹韦尔3000文本转语音
    • Free use of Kurzweil 3000 is available for every currently enrolled GC student
    • 联系 可及性服务 Coordinator for more information and an email invitation to activate a student license


  • 收集
    • Free use of 收集 is provided for every currently enrolled student registered with 可及性服务



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